Do Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats Bear Drain Plugs?

Do Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats Bear Drain Plugs?

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Do Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats Bear Drain Plugs?

Sun tracker pontoon boats are a type of boat designed to work on the water. These pontoon boats are generally rectangular and use an outboard motor to get around.

But this only brings to the surface what these boats can do for you. You need to know a few more things about sun trackers to appreciate them. Let’s explore.

Yes. Some sun tracker pontoons boats boast drain plugs that make it easy for you to empty the standing water and prevent mold and mildew from forming. Proper drainage of a pontoon is essential to prevent mildew and mold from growing in the water if not drained.

Leaving water inside a pontoon can lead to algae growth on the outside hull, eventually invading the live well and forming mold within the boat.

So the first thing to look for when purchasing a Sun Tracker Pontoon is if it has a drain plug that you can set under the floor of the pontoon.

The most common pontoon on the market today has a drain plug that comes out from under the floor/floor panel hatch.

It’s positioned so that you can empty standing water by positioning the plug and using water pressure to remove any remaining water.

Washers and nuts also secure these drain plugs to ensure they don’t fall out of position.

When it comes to the type of plug, these can vary, and there are two main types sold today. One is a rubber-type plug with a grid pattern between one or multiple holes.

The other type is a simple hexagonal shape with straight sides and no grid or holes.

Although Sun Tracker pontoons may have a drain plug similar to this one, some work better than others;

For example, the shape of the interior of many Sun Tracker Sun Pontoon and Sport boats differ from their popular rafts and sport-fishing boats.

The Sun Tracker Sport-fishing and Sun Tracker Malibu pontoon are flat on the bottom, so if you want a plug, you’ll need to put it in carefully as not all drain plugs are for flat-bottomed pontoons.

The second thing to look for when purchasing a pontoon is the material it’s made of.

Today, many pontoons comprise high-density polyethylene, a tough plastic that you can even use for outdoor furniture.

It protects against warping from UV light, and other environmental factors helps in rapid water drainage, and provides maximum durability.

How Does One Empty Their Sun Tracker Pontoon?

Here is a step-by-step guide to emptying your sun tracker pontoon.

Before emptying your sun tracker pontoon, please ensure that you are not in the water or on a boat.

It’s vital to empty your sun tracker pontoon from land to prevent any potential damage to the pontoon.

Do Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats Bear Drain Plugs?

First, remove all the items inside your sun trackers, like chairs and tables.

Next, unscrew both sides of the top where you would typically be able to open up your sun tracker or access its windows and make sure that there is nothing in between them.

This should remove any potential damage you could cause to your sun tracker. Next, you will want to unscrew the two screws holding up your sun tracker pontoon.

You can find these on the bottom of the pontoon underneath, where the seats are usually located when it is at rest.

Once you have unscrewed these two screws, you will want to put them in a safe place so that they don’t get lost or misplaced.

Finally, you will want to use large straps to block off all the holes of your sun tracker pontoon.

This will prevent small animals from getting into the pontoon and potentially damaging it.

Also, use these straps as a safety precaution if your boat capsizes, which may require you to climb inside the hole to escape.

Do Bennington Pontoons Have Drain Plugs?

No. Bennington pontoons do not boast drain plugs. This is because they have no draining mechanism, and the walls of the pontoons hold water.

The best way to remove any unwanted liquid from your boat is to use a bucket of fresh water or a hose with fresh water running through it, or even a leaf blower in the worst-case scenario.

Luckily, this is not common, but it’s good to know how to handle it.

If you have a Bennington pontoon and are looking for where the drain plug should be, then it does not exist.

Bennington pontoons do not have drain plugs, and there are no plans for one in the foreseeable future.

If you must remove water from your boat because you overfilled it or leave it on the beach overnight, use one of the previously mentioned methods.

If you cannot access these methods, use a water bucket or a hose with fresh water running through it.

If you cannot do either, call the manufacturer and find out how they recommend removing the water. I recommend this if you know this will happen during an extended period and not during a short time frame.

If one method does not work and you want to remove water from your boat, I recommend taking drastic measures.

If you have a leaf blower or a bucket of water and cannot reach your pontoon, you must use either a leaf blower or a combination of air pressure and water.

Air pressure dramatically reduces the time it takes for water to sink through the bottom of your pontoon, but if this is not possible, use a bucket and begin removing as much water as you can.

Remember to remove the drain plug from the bottom of your pontoon. If you use this method, leave the boat upside down to have a clear path for draining as much water as possible.

If all else fails, consider calling a local marine company and seeing if you may use some portable pump.

Do Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats Bear Drain Plugs?

This is an extreme measure and is not recommended unless you are in danger of sinking your boat or know that this will happen.

Are Sun Tracker Boats Any Good?

Yes. Sun Tracker boats have luxury vehicles that they can tow by a regular car or truck. They’re durable, stable, and portable.

Sun Tracker boats are a great way to enjoy the water with friends and family with a fold-down hardtop and gas or electric power options.

Sun Tracker has been America’s #1 selling boat brand for three decades. So if you want to buy the best boat on the market, go with Sun Tracker.

Sun Tracker boats are great for:

  • Water sports. The Sun Tracker line covers the spectrum from day-sailing to offshore cruising, racing, and fishing from one of the full-sized boats. Sun Tracker’s full-sized boats are the most popular boats .
  • Kids. The full-sized fishing models are the best, but the youth models are also great for fishing.
  • The family. If you want a great family boat, Sun Tracker is a good choice
  • Boat rentals. With the right Sun Tracker boat, you can fulfill your needs. You can rent sun tracker boats at your favorite marina and use them for the day to leave an impression that lasts on your guests.
  • Corporate events. Whether you’re in Florida for a convention or planning a company retreat, Sun Tracker boats are sure to impress. Many people choose Sun Tracker for their corporate events because they are versatile and offer plenty of options.
  • Resort sailors. Sun Tracker boats are easy to wheel from your driveway and into the water. These luxury cruises are suitable for just about any waterway, whether you want to take a relaxing cruise or race around the lake.
  • Club use. Clubs can’t go wrong with Sun Tracker boats. Whether you’re looking for racing or fishing models, these handy vessels are perfect for club functions. You can even design a custom boat wrap and show your club pride through every mile.
  • The military. Sun Tracker offers a high-quality boat perfect for standard operations for military members and their families.

Why are SUN TRACKER boats so cheap?

Sun tracker boats boast cheapness because they are a type of boat that requires less maintenance and upkeep than most other types of boats.

Other boats may require more care and attention because they are more complex to operate, but sun tracker boats, on the other hand, usually have fewer moving parts and are easier to maintain.

You’ve got to keep in mind that sun trackers aren’t for every lake or river. They are for lakes and rivers that don’t have too much current or for lakes and rivers with sparse boat traffic.

You also want to make sure the lake you plan on using your boat in has enough space for sun tracker boats to get around in.

Do Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats Bear Drain Plugs?

Sun tracker boats are also cheap because they are not as physically demanding to operate as other boats may be. They don’t need a lot of power or an enormous engine, so they are cheaper to buy and maintain.

Sun tracker boats are also cheaper, they don’t need many accessories. Most sun tracker boats come with the essential equipment you need to operate them, making them even more affordable than other boats.

Thus, many people choose sun trackers if they look for a lighter way to enjoy the water without spending too much on a boat.

Do Tracker Boats Have Wood Floors?

No. Tracker boats boast aluminum floors with well-done robotic welding and a special under-floor compartment for extra drinks and supplies.

Though the most common type of Tracker boat is the 16-footer, these boats are available in various sizes.

When choosing to buy your own, you’ll want to ensure that it’s the right size.

If you’re opting for a smaller tracker model, like the 12- or 14-footers, avoid skimping on features; those models will have less seating and more storage room.

The various Tracker boat types also range in shape and design. Traditional Tracker boats have one or two captains’ chairs and a large open area with a table.

The Legend Series of Tracker boats boasts three captain’s chairs, which is about the most comfortable seating arrangement.

Whatever tracker you buy, you’ll certainly benefit from owning one. First, there is the outstanding functionality and comfort of the boat.

Whether you’re a fisherman who prefers hard-hitting speed and innovative navigation or just a family who enjoys leisurely rides on the lake, Tracker boats will meet your needs.

Do Tracker Boats Have Foam In Them?

No. Tracker boasts don’t have foam in them. Tracker boats comprise Polyethelene, which is a type of plastic that is lightweight and durable. Your boat can be flexible and avoid “punching” through the water with less drag.

In addition, the interior of the boats has sound-absorbing panels that help keep sound from echoing around inside your boat.

Tracker boats also have a flat bottom to help lower shipping weight and improve docking stability.

Most manufacturers will choose to use foam in their boats because it is cheaper and helps keep the weight down. Foam is also a lot easier to install.

The foam inside Tracker boats makes the boats more buoyant per pound (called the “Buoyancy Ratio”), reducing your power requirements and helping you get through rough waters by increasing displacement.

Will A Tracker Boat Sink?

No. A tracker boat will not sink because of water pressure.

This is because when a tracker boat is in water, and the boat’s prow becomes submerged, the air trapped in the buoyant chamber of the boat will compress, increasing its volume, thereby putting more pressure on said chamber due to outside force not letting it sink.

A tracker boat is a type of watercraft that uses an inflatable tube to provide buoyancy. When it reaches the water, you can adjust its depth by simply filling or letting out some of its air chambers.

This is the case with most boats, including those using air to propel themselves.

There are boat types such as submarines, aircraft carriers, and concretes that use different methods to provide buoyancy. However, none of them are effective as the tracker boats.

The effectiveness of tracker boats stems from their ability to adjust their depth by simply inflating or deflating chambers for them to be able to float at different depths.

This is unlike many boat types, which have to be manually adjusted with different pieces fitted on their hulls by people, which takes more time and effort.

Do Sun Tracker Pontoon Boats Bear Drain Plugs?

The tracker boat can inflate or deflate in a very short amount of time with just a person pulling a chain connected to the chamber’s valve.

Can You Take A Bass Tracker In The Bay?

No. You can’t take a bass tracker on a boat in the bay because the water is too deep and too heavy for one to lift onto the boat.

A bass tracker is to fish for freshwater fish, where the water is only about a meter deep.

If you brought their bass trackers on board boats in the bay and accidentally dropped them into the water, then there would be no way to get them back out again, and they would sink to the bay’s bottom.

Since you can’t fish for freshwater fish with a bass tracker on the boat, I recommend that you don’t bring your bass trackers to the bay.

However, you can bring them to other areas with much shallower waters, and you can fish for freshwater fish.

Does Every Boat Have A Drain Plug?

No. Not every boat boasts a drain plug. Boats designed for open water sailing are easily towed on land by a vehicle and do not need to be afloat.

Thus, these vessels have an opening at the bow, referred to as the “deadwood,” closed and sealed with a plug when the boat is sailing.

You then open the opening and remove the plug when you bring and store the boat in.

You can thus consider this plug superfluous because one only uses it when it serves no purpose, as opposed to a drain plug used on all boats, home or away.

Boats with auxiliary engines not designed for open water sailing are often kept afloat through wires and ropes.

You can moor these vessels anywhere along these ropes and wires while maintaining the hull full of water.

In such a case, a plug would serve no purpose, and thus you would consider it superfluous.

Finally, some vessels are too small even to warrant the presence of a drain plug.

These smaller boats may have one in the bow but are often constructed with a removable plastic hatch to allow for this plug’s removal.


Sun Tracker pontoons are an excellent alternative for those who want to own a boat but have restrictions on having a full-size pontoon.

Sun Tracker pontoons would be suitable for people who don’t have enough space to store a full-size pontoon, such as in apartments with limited space. 


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