How Do Mira Showers Work?

How Do Mira Showers Work

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How Do Mira Showers Work?

Our digital showers are made up of three parts: shower fittings, digital mixer valve, and user interface.

For simple understanding, the digital mixer unit controls the entire system, which can be referred to as the shower’s “brain.”

It mixes cold and hot water from its sources to an ultimate desired temperature for showering, just like a normal mixer does.

The main difference between Mira showers and normal showers is that the Mira shower’s digital unit can be mounted away from the shower’s control.

Installation of the shower is thus much easier and quicker, with less disruption and the resulting look of the shower’s area is sleek and elegant.

When installing your Mira shower, it is advised that you ensure easy and safe digital mixer valve access is created at all times.

How Do Mira Showers Work

This will aid in regular maintenance and inspection and also create enough room for the removal of the digital mixer valve’s lid.

Are There Differences Between Digital Mixer Valves? How Do I Decide On The One To Choose?

There are at least two types of valves for Mira digital mixers. If your systems are low pressure and gravity fed, you can go for pumped for gravity mixer.

This intelligent valve is designed with an integral pump, which ensures consistent strong flow in the shower. The pressure generated normally ranges between 0.1 bar to 0.4 bar.

For systems such as boiler systems or mains pressure systems that exceed 0.5 bars, you can go for high-pressure valves.

With these valves available options, Mira digital showers are suitable to fit in any system as long as supply pressures are maintained at a balanced level.

You should note that installing digital showers on a mixed supply is not right; for instance, combining a hot gravity-fed low-pressure water feed with a high-pressure cold feed.

If your home has this system, then you should consider installing Mira electric shower instead.

What Are The Available Showerhead Options I Can Choose From?

At one time, you may have contemplated creating a spa-like luxurious bathroom environment. You may be glad to know a growing trend of digital showers with dual outlets, which include both separate hand showers and deluge overhead, has been coming up.

With Mira dual outlet digital showers, you can have both the hand shower and deluge head-on together, thereby providing you with a high-pressure shower with water flow, which can hit as high as 16l/min.

The kind of fitting options to select is influenced by your digital mixer valve’s location.

How Best Can I Clean A Showerhead?

For effective cleaning of your shower head, do away with debris and dirt, which normally collect around the holes, by wiping them with a scrubber.

The next step is to mix water and vinegar in equal measure, putting them in a plastic bag. Ensure all holes in the showerhead are correctly in contact with the liquid.

Then make sure the bag is closed over the showerhead properly; you can use a rubber band to achieve this.

Let the showerhead and the liquid remain at the same point for at least 20 minutes, then afterward release them.

Proceed to wipe off any extra debris. Once all these are done, your show head will be sparkling clean and ready for use. Enjoy your clean showering experience.

What Is The Best Way Of Cleaning The Shower Glass?

First, you will have to spray the glass with some vinegar and leave it for a couple of minutes. You will then mix salt and baking soda in equal amounts, thus creating a paste.

Proceed to rub the paste on the glass surface using a damp sponge. Let it sits for a while, then rinse. Finally, you should use glass cleaners of high quality and have microfiber cloth.

How Should I Clean Grout In My Shower?

This is the most effective way to do away with grout in the shower. Start by removing dirt and grime on the surface.

You can accomplish this by using a fairy liquid and a rougher side of the sponge.

Once this is properly done, the mold present in the ground should be the remaining thing to take care of. Here you will need an old toothbrush and some bleach.

Pour one part water and bleach two parts, then start using the old toothbrush to scrub. Once you are done scrubbing all the areas, let it sit for about 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes have passed, you can scrub the remaining visible black stains by brushing with a toothbrush, but this time not adding any more bleach.

Finish by thoroughly rinsing with plenty of clean water.

How Do I Clean My Shower Drain?

Start the process by removing anything preventing water flow in the drainage system. You can use a wire to remove small blockages and hair.

Once you are done clearing the blockages, immediately our one cup of baking soda into the drain, white vinegar, half a cup.

When this is done, use a rag to plug the drain, then leave it for a couple of hours.

Once the hours have elapsed, remove the rag, then boil one kettle of water. When the boiling water is ready, quickly pour it down the drain to flush the dirt.

My Mira Shower Has Stopped Working; What Could Be The Reason?

If there is suddenly no water flow from your Mira shower, there is a possibility that your shower’s solenoid valve has developed a problem.

The solenoid is operated by a coil. The water will fail to enter the shower once the coil breaks since the solenoid valve will not open. To solve this issue, you should consider replacing the coil.

Why Has My Mira Shower Lost Pressure?

One possible reason for this could be limescale build-up in the showerhead. You can confirm this by trying to run the shower when the showerhead is off.

If limescale buildup is the issue, then they can be cleaned off. You should also check if there are any filters in the water pipes before connecting them to the shower.

Either way, the problem will always be limescale-related.

Are Mira Showers Any Good?

Installation of Mira showers is easy and quick. They are also suitable to be fit in any of your home’s plumbing systems.

Mira digital showers have pinpoint accuracy in flow and temperature control.

This makes them highly accurate and also informative than other types of showers.

Why Does My Mira Shower Keep Going Cold?

This is probably caused by insufficient water getting into the shower. You should confirm if valves coming into your house are fully operational and those the one in line with the shower is working efficiently.

If you have confirmed that both valves are working correctly, then the other problem causing this is if the valve inside the shower has malfunctioned.

If the valve inside the shower has malfunctioned, replacement is advised.

What Makes Mira Showers Different?

Mira showers have been in use for more than 90 years. They, therefore, are better designs and have high efficiency. The designs are made for both the installer and the consumer.

They are designed such that the installers find it easy to install, and the consumers are satisfied by the result of the installed shower.

The designs are of the highest quality and made from the finest materials. Moreover, all shower spare parts manufactured are carefully and strictly tested before being dispatched for sales.

The following are some of the other factors which make Mira showers different from other types of showers;

Mira Electric Showers;

Mira showers are always the leading showers in the market due to the constant technological research and improvement.

For instance, Mira showers can effectively reduce limescale buildup within the shower system, thanks to the Mira Clearscale technology, which significantly reduces the build-up by up to 50%.

Limescale is prone to building up within electric showers, and when they accumulate to certain levels, they are likely to cause damage to the shower, as they also occur in kettles.

The Mira Clearscale technology is so effective and important for sowers that all Mira showers must be made with the technology included in their system.

The technology, therefore, doubles an electric shower life when compared to other types of electric showers. This means you can be fully confident when considering installing a Mira shower. 

Boosting Electric Showers

One of Mira’s most powerful electric shower is the Mira Sport Max.

This type of Mira shower has been designed with Mira Airboost technology, which increases water flow by up to 30% without releasing any extra amount of water.

There are available elegant-looking showers, too, which challenge conventional electric showers like the Mira Azora.

These types of showers are ideal for those who would wish to install a more modern shower in their bathrooms.

Mira Mixer Showers

Mira showers are some of the most powerful showers.

Since everyone has a different taste and preference as far as choosing mixer showers is concerned, the Mira Magni-flow technology is a game-changer in the market.

All Mira showers feature this technology, which ensures water flow is boosted three times more, even at low pressure, compared with other types of showers made by competitor manufacturers.

Therefore, Mira showers should always be the first shower type to think about when you want to install or replace your shower.

All Mira showers have high performance and are quite powerful. The difference, however, comes from different styles in design.

Mira Digital Showers

As far as innovation is concerned, Mira showers are among the leading in the field. All Mira showers are designed in such a way that makes them easy to fit.

They are suitable for and can be used by all domestic plumbing systems.

They are accurate and informative, thanks to the vast range of digital showers with pinpoint flow and temperature control.

The digital mixer unit can be flexibly mounted anywhere of your convenience within the house.

As long as the unit and the shower are not more than 10 meters apart, the two will “communicate” using the installed wireless connection and be operated remotely.

If your taste aligns with this design of the Mira shower, you may want to consider acquiring a Mira Platinum Dual shower, which is durable and luxurious, therefore, can complement your taste and preference.

The shower has a warmup-mode feature and is also fitted with the latest wireless digital technology.

You can set the shower to be warmed up to your desired temperature, then maintained until you ready to use it.

Mira digital showers are ideal for all users, especially families with elderly members and children, as they can be programmed to offer safe showering temperatures.

What Is The Best Mira Electric Shower?

When it comes to comparing the Mira showers and determining which among them performs best, Mira Sport Max 10.8kw gains the middle ground for the Bristan Bliss and Triton Seville.

It is not a digital shower design but offers more satisfaction in contemporary design when compared to Seville. The Mira Sport Max also has among the most significant kW out, thus is very powerful.

How Do I Reset Mira’s Advance Shower?

Press the start and flow buttons simultaneously within 30 seconds. Then release the start and second button when you head the first and second beep in order.

That is to say, when you hear the first beep, you release the start button; when you hear the second beep, you release the flow button.

The shower button then turns on, and you should not press it until it finally goes off on its own. This normally takes around 5 minutes. Once all this is done, your shower is reset.

Why Does My Shower Turn On By Itself?

If this happens once, there is a possibility that it could just be excess water in your shower’s pipe.

If the action reoccurs, then you may have to check if there is a leak in the valve, which constantly send through the pipe.

You can remove the showerhead and confirm the leaking.

How Do Should I Clean The Filter On A Mira Advance Shower?

To sufficiently clean the filter on a Mira advance shower, you may want to follow the following procedure;

  • First, you should remove the cover by unscrewing the three cover retaining screws.
  • Proceed to remove the shower’s service tunnel.

The inlet filter should then be removed from the inlet connector assembly by a suitable spanner.

Damage to the connector, which may occur in removing the strainer, should be prevented by holding a wrench across the flats to the inlet connector assembly.

Be careful not to remove or interfere with the ‘O’ seal.

  • Proceed to remove the inlet filter.
  • Use a stiff brush to clean the inlet filter. You can also follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the inlet filter.
  • Once done with cleaning the inlet filter, refit all the components in reverse order of their removal.

What Happens When You Install A Shower Valve Upside Down?

If this happens, then the shower valve will have to be reinstalled in the right orientation. Most valves are designed with the marking ‘up’ on them.

If the model is a two-handle one, you may also inspect the valve’s flow diverter (director). You will need to reverse it depending on the water supply’s direction.

What Is The Function Of A Solenoid In A Shower?

Solenoid coil generates magnetic effects when an electric current passes through it. The magnetic effect created then attracts the valve assembly’s metal pin.

This process enables mains water to get into the shower unit.

How Do I Know What Kw Mira Shower To Buy?

The wattage of a Mira shower you want to purchase depends on what you believe suits you and your home.

This could be dependent on the reliability of water flow in your home and the size of your tank.

If you have a small water tank or an unreliable water supply, you should consider purchasing Mira electric shower with a range of between 8.5kW and 5kW.

However, if you have a large water tank or a very reliable constant water supply, Mira electric shower with a wattage ranging between 8kW and 10.8kW is ideal for you.

How Do Mira Showers Work

Further on, you may want to check out your fuse setup if it has the capability of hosting your power shower.

If you are not sure about the specifics, it is advised you contact a qualified professional to help you out.

Once all the technicalities are worked out, you can decide whether to work with what you have, scale-up the water supply to upgrade your showering experience.

Is A 9.6kw Mira Shower Powerful?

Just like most electric showers, a Mira shower with a wattage of 9.5kW is considered to be powerful. Showers with a wattage of between 8.5kW and 10.5kWare all quite powerful.

If you want to install a 9.5kW shower in your home, you must ensure that your home has a reliable, steady water flow or a big large water tank.

How Do Mira Showers Work?

Mira shower’s digital unit can be mounted away from the shower’s control.

Installation of the shower is thus much easier and quicker, with less disruption and the resulting look of the shower’s area is sleek and elegant.

Failure to put these into consideration may result in a disappointing experience with the shower.

Generally, Mira showers are tremendous and are among the best showers which feature the latest technology in their operations.

They, in turn, provide you with the type of showering experience you desire. When you decide to acquire the Mira showers, you will be getting your cash worth.


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