What Should I Look For When Buying A Shower Enclosure?

What Should I Look For When Buying A Shower Enclosure

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What Should I Look For When Buying A Shower Enclosure?

Deciding on which shower head to acquire seems to be a straightforward task to accomplish.

Whereas settling on a shower enclosure that suits you tends to be a whole new set of bones to chew.

This is so since there are various varieties of shower enclosures to choose from.

You cannot quickly settle on one without feeling like you did not make the right choice when you reconsider other factors.

The point is, there is a lot to choose from, and deciding to settle on one could be a rather tricky task to accomplish.

Bathrooms’ first impression of your guests is typically presented by the type of shower enclosure you have installed in place.

The moment someone enters a bathroom, they are always the first to be noticed.

This, therefore, means you should ever feel happy and pleased with your bathrooms and ow they are done.

When put in place, great shower enclosures tend to bring a sense of comfort and satisfaction.

Provided that whichever type you have in place meets all the specifications you have in your mind and blends in with the bathroom design and size’s space.

Moreover, starting to search and making inquiries to finding one suitable one could be overwhelming.

Since you could be on the quest to identify which type of shower enclosure works for you, let’s go through some of the things to consider when deciding on acquiring one.

The big question therefore is; What should I look for when buying a shower enclosure?

Production material for the shower enclosure; In most cases, stainless-steel or some other types of metals that don’t rust are used to make shower enclosures’ frames.

These metals are hardly affected by water and other environmental reactants likely to cause rusting.

They are also customarily backed with some chrome finish to bring about the additional sparkle for comfort.

These are some of the mainly used materials accompanied by glass. It is, however, essential to note that there are also frameless enclosures.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Shower Enclosure

These two have metal supports since glass is their primary material used to secure them on the wall safely.

However, some of the very low-priced shower enclosures are often manufactured with plastic, both their frames and their “glass” windows.

These cheap models made from plastic are not likely to be as robust and durable as their expensive metal and glass counterparts.

But they can still be very appealing to the eye on the bright side.

You should, therefore, not feel shy to acquire one.

Glass Thickness; You could probably be wondering what’s the deal with glass thickness.

Well, the glass thickness is responsible for providing you with a sturdier shower capable of handling more.

However, their prices are directly proportional to their thickness; that is to say, the greater the glass’s thickness, the higher the amount of cash you are likely to depart with when acquiring one.

The minimum level of consistency is 4mm, while 8mm is also the standard one. This, however, does not mean you can’t go higher.

If you have the amount of cash required at your disposal, you can have your glass thickness increased up to 15mm.

When showering in an enclosure made of 8mm glass, you are likely to feel more separated from the world than when showering in a 4mm shower enclosure space.

It should also be noted that the thicker glass is heavier. Having this in mind could be useful, more so during installation.

You should also look out for shower enclosures with a glass thickness of over 8mm, which are being sold cheaply.

Vet them to ascertain that they are good quality and always go for the pricier one, to be on the safer side.

Since you may want thicker glass, always make sure the glass meets standard safety measures, meaning it is more durable and shatterproof.

Easy Clean Glass Coatings; Most of us probably have tight schedules to keep throughout the day, and giving the bathroom a thorough cleanup is perhaps not one of the tasks to add to the pile.

Therefore, this has since proved to be revolutionary to most of us. Shower enclosures with easy clean glasses do the trick.

One fact should, however, not be ignored. This glass needs to be cleaned too, of course. The only advantage over the standard glass is the effort put in the work when doing so.

Cleaning the easy clean glass requires lesser effort hence saves on time and energy.

The basics of how this process is that tiny dips that are only visible when viewed under a microscope are present on shower glass; therefore, bacteria, water droplets, and dirt can easily get stuck in them.

These dips are thus filled by the coating hence creating a smooth surface, hence preventing more of that stuff from getting stuck by running down uninterrupted.

This type of glass, therefore, needs a lot less effort when cleaning, which is also not a must to be done frequently due to its design.

Cut and Shaped Glass Detailing; Shower enclosures with this feature tend to last longer. It is, however, a new feature that is not available in many shower enclosures.

You are likely to depart with a higher amount of cash when acquiring one than when acquiring a standard one.

In addition to the improvement of longevity, this feature also gives your shower a fabulous style.

Size of the shower enclosure; This should be one of the top considerations to make when buying a shower enclosure.

Before thinking of any other ideas, get your bathroom’s measurement to have the fitting size of the shower enclosure you need in mind.

There are many size varieties manufactured as well as different sizes and shapes. Among all these options to choose from, you definitely will find one appealing to you.

There are a lot of different sizes available to choose from. The sizes depend on which type of shower enclosure you want or looking at.

What are some of the best shower enclosures to choose from?

There are various shower enclosures to choose from based on their sizes, shapes, materials used in their production, among other factors.

Let us look into some you may consider buying based on different features.


Who said small bathrooms do not need to be a little art-conscious? Well, they all do

You can always add a beautiful shower enclosure to the available space in your small bathroom, make it look stylish as well as save on some space at the same time.

This is why Apollo is likely to be the best shower enclosure for your small bathroom.

With a measurement of 700 by 700mm and a width of 1850mm height, the Apollo shower enclosure was designed mainly for bathrooms with smaller spaces.

However, an option of choosing larger sizes is also on the table if it is your wish to go for it.

With these specifications, this shower enclosure stands nicely in any space within your bathroom.

You can choose to place it in your bathroom’s corner if the space available is too small.

This shower enclosure has a beautiful chrome finish, which gives it a stylish modern look which you are likely to love.

Its frameless design renders a unique feel as the hinged shower doors maintain their durable and sturdy nature.

Therefore, you don’t have to handle it with extreme care and caution, worried about breakage or malfunction anytime.

The safety glass used in this design has a thickness of 6mm, meaning it is very reliable to use.

The process of installation is quite simple and can be done by most people.

You can, therefore, install it yourself without any problem.

It is also worth noting that despite all the high grade and quality offered.

This shower enclosure is quite pocket-friendly and can easily be slipped into the budget without creating a significant dent in the pocket.

Its size and shape also make it quite convenient as it can fit in corners and smaller rooms.


Nothing beats the feeling of stepping into a walk-in shower. They are marvelously backed with great design.

They are often airy and quite spacious. The feeling you get when showering in one of these could be compared to that of showering outdoors in the wind.

If you believe this could be one of the feelings you desire or would like to have whenever you are showering, then this is the perfect shower enclosure design for you.

After all, not everyone likes sitting in a jacuzzi.

It is available in three different choices, considered an excellent choice for large size as well as medium size bathrooms since each option has a length of 1500mm.

The frame presents a modern look that shines due to its fantastic silver finish. Moreover, you get to choose if you want to acquire the tray which comes with it.

This should not cause any worries of space to you as it has a height of 45mm.

This bathroom enclosure’s glass panels are quite clear and make cleaning them an effortless task since they have been designed to ease things for you a little bit and help you catch up with the daily routine.

Well, I can assure you this bathroom enclosure is a guarantee for peace of mind when it comes to handling compared to other types of the same rating.

Glass thickness used in manufacturing this shower enclosure is standardized at 8mm.

However, you can still make an upgrade of up to 8mm glass thickness if you want it to last longer and for more durability.

It should also be noted that this shower enclosure is priced reasonably and can fit in a mid-range budget.

Therefore, if a walk-in bathroom enclosure model is the go-to for you and you are willing to spend a little more, then this is the one for you.


This shower enclosure has a unique curved design. This allows it to fit anywhere within your bathroom.

Perhaps it has never come to your mind, but this could be exactly what your bathroom is screaming for.

With a measurement of 800 by 800mm, this model of shower enclosure is perfect for small bathrooms and can be set up nicely in little space.

Due to the curved design, when put in a corner, you can still operate efficiently as the doors are on the actual curved part.

Therefore, getting in and out of the enclosure in smaller places is not one of your worries.

This shower enclosure has been manufactured with safety glass of 8mm thickness that has passed the durability test,

so you are well aware of the quality of what you are getting whenever you set out to acquire one.

Cleaning the glass is remarkably easy as it has been coated to create a smooth surface with allows water, dirt, and any other tiny droplets to slide down and not get trapped on the glass surface along the way.

Combination with waterproof qualities, this shower enclosure proves to be a sturdy model. Since it has not much to offer, it is priced low hence fits in most budgets.

You, therefore, don’t need to dig deep into your pocket to acquire an appealing curved shower.


This is one of the best corner shower enclosures. If you are looking for a shower enclosure to fit at the corner of your bathroom, this is a great choice to pick.

It is mostly accommodative for small bathrooms. This does not, however, mean you can’t fit in a bathroom that is more spacious.

Since it’s mainly ideal for smaller bathrooms, you can install it in a more spacious bathroom if that is what you want to do.

This shower enclosure comes in two choices. You can either choose to acquire the 800mm model or the 760mm model.

Both are ideal when saving on space. It is named the true corner shower since its doors are situated on the corners;

Therefore, installing it between two walls presents no challenge as you will still be able to operate the shower freely.

You don’t have to worry if you want to fix this shower enclosure around an already existing power shower system as it is manufactured with a 6mm thick safety glass.

The doors pose no challenge in opening and closing since they are quick release. If you are wondering about the height, well, it has a height of 1950mm.

This shower enclosure is available at a great price and can easily fit in the mid-range budget without any strain.

With brilliant corner doors, this shower enclosure can fit in the tightest spots and still leave room for comfortable washing.

It is, therefore, an ideal bathroom enclosure for any bathroom.

Milano Vaso

Showering, at times, feels better when accompanied by a sense of luxury. We should instead enjoy it than have the feeling of getting through it quickly.

For such needs, this shower enclosure is guaranteed among the best for you. comes in different sizes that ranges from 900 mm to 1500 mm.

Therefore, regardless of your bathroom size, you can still add some feeling of luxury to it.

This luxurious bathroom enclosure is made from stainless steel and accompanied by a brushed finish. A glance at it spells out two words; luxury and modern.

The enclosure also comes with a thick easy-clean glass, which lessens cleaning effort. It is easy to use by anyone as it is a walk-in shower, has no doors and steps.

There are no additional parts bought differently as it comes as a full package with the shower tower and its tray.

There are push controls for the showerhead, which are installed in the shower tower. This shower enclosure costs higher than the other we’ve discussed above as it has more to offer.

What are some of the available types of shower enclosures?

Shower enclosures are made available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. This is advantageous since we all have different tastes and preferences.

For your peace of mind, it is essential to note that all of them feature standard high-quality safety glass. The main types available are;

Quadrant enclosures: these are curved, and their design enables them to be installed into bathroom corners. Saves on space and ideal for small bathrooms.

Bi-fold shower doors: designed to open inwards to save space.

Steam shower cabins: offers you a sense of luxury with a steam shower backed with multifunction showering

Pivot shower doors; designed for an opening into the bathroom

Sliding shower doors: these shower enclosures are large and can therefore replace baths whenever the need arises.

Walk-in showers: these are designed to offer modern look satisfaction and avail more space for showering and washing.

What are some of the advantages of corner shower enclosures?

Corner shower enclosures are designed mainly to be installed on bathroom corners. This, in turn, saves on space.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Shower Enclosure

Other advantages of corner shower enclosures include a wide range of size choices to pick from.

Their practical and appealing designs, and also the availability of sliding doors, which enables easy effortless access.

What are the advantages of installing walk-in shower enclosures?

Walk-in shower enclosures often give out that wet-room look. In addition to this, there is an airy feeling that accompanies it when showering.

Some of the advantages that come with this shower enclosure are such as; the walk-in shower enclosure can be used to replace a bath.

There is also a spacious area for showering and drying. Furthermore, there are available optional end panels.

The walk-in shower enclosures are also available in a wide range of sizes to choose from.

When intending to acquire a shower enclosure, “what should i look for when buying a shower enclosure”,

You should consider these factors as there is a wide range to choose from regarding space, design, and much more. It depends on what you need in your bathroom for your reasons.

It depends on what you need in your bathroom for your reasons.


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