Are Harbor Breeze Fan Blades Interchangeable?(Yes! Some Tips)

Are Harbor Breeze Fan Blades Interchangeable?

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Are Harbor Breeze Fan Blades Interchangeable?

Fanlight kits are the best way to update your home without an expensive renovation.

These kits come with everything you need to replace your old ceiling fan with a new and updated one.

They make it easy for homeowners of all experience levels to switch out their outdated fans.

But Are Harbor Breeze Fan Blades Interchangeable? Yes!The blades are not labeled for which fan they belong to.

So you can swap your harbor breeze fan’s blades between fans, but the blade color should match the fan.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

Harbor Breeze offers same-day local service for all brands of parts and labor done in-house under one roof.

The company specializes in personalized, high-quality products and services.

They offer hundreds of items to choose from that reflect unique styles that will suit any taste, along with unique options available only through Harbor Breeze

This  helps you create your custom look for your home décor needs.

Can I Change The Glass On My Ceiling Fan?

Yes, you can replace the light kit on your ceiling fan. If you are looking for a distinct look or want to buy an extra light kit, replacing the existing one is easy to do.

When removing the old kit, avoid damaging the electrical components.

The kit should have installation instructions that you should follow to ensure all connections are correct and secure before reinstalling. 

To install a new kit, remove it from its packaging and identify any parts needed for installation by comparing them against the diagram on the outside of the box.

Typically, there is a green wire connector, white wire connector, yellow wire connector, red wire connector and sometimes others depending upon your model.

Are Harbor Breeze Fan Blades Interchangeable?

Identify how to properly install the new connections within the housing of your ceiling fan by reviewing the installation instructions on the box of your replacement light kit.

If a screw or clip attaches to an electrical component, ensure it’s used well before reinstalling it. 

Once all wires are well connected, reinstall into housing and replace onto ceiling fan blades.

You can then turn the power back on at the main circuit box and turn the switch on the wall to test operation. 

Are fan light kits interchangeable?

Yes. Fanlight kits are usually interchangeable.

You can interchange parts like bulbs, remote controls, or fans between different models and brands of fan light kits with no problems.

However, you can’t use certain other parts in the same way. You can install a motor from one brand into another if it’s compatible with that kind of installation.

However, you can’t use that motor to control the speed of the fan since it’s not made in conjunction with your controller.

On another model, using a different type of wiring may need some rewiring to make everything work properly again — don’t do it.

If unsure about compatibility, ask an electrician or someone familiar with electrical wiring before buying anything. Ask the manufacturer if you can replace parts.

Fanlight kits usually have the same brand name stamped on the fan motor and the tiny controller. Thus, it’s easy to tell whether they are compatible.

If you are not sure about the compatibility of certain fan light kit parts, ask before buying or installing.

— or don’t do it. It’s not worth the risk of having your house burn down for some savings. Or wait until you can get professional help with installation.

Can You Change The Fan Blade Size?

Yes, you can change the size of the fan’s blades. There are some restrictions, but for most fans, you can replace them with different-sized blades.

The size usually denotes the sizing of fans in inches (fan diameter, not blade width). An 80mm fan has a diameter of 80mm, while a 92mm fan has one of 92mm.

A 120mm fan would measure 120mm across its diameter, and so on.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Some computer case manufacturers use non-standard sizes.

They choose to use what is convenient rather than standardizing on something that exists already.

For these computers, you’ll have to take measurements of your existing fan’s dimensions before you go shopping for replacements.

Are Fan Blades Universal?

No. The manufacturer determines fan blade specifications. The shape, dimensions, and specific contour of each fan blade optimize the performance of that model or type of blade.

Some knives have curved edges, while others have straight edges. Blades may have single curvature or double curvature sections.

Single curvature blades produce more noise than dual curvature blades. Although they also increase static pressure capabilities.

Some fan manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes within one model so that users can better match their needs with an existing setup.

They usually vary in thickness, width, length, twist angles, pitches, hub diameters, and mounting holes.

Are Ceiling Fan Pull Switches Universal?

No, unfortunately, ceiling fan pull switches are not universal. 

People have tried to make their universal design for these devices in the past and failed miserably. You can’t blame them, though.

They’re just doing what any reasonable person would do by trying to save money on simple household accessories.

But when you mess around with electricity, there is no room for any error. If making your own ceiling fan pull switch was possible.

Then every home improvement store across the country would sell them already manufactured with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet.

Assuming everyone has the same switch that is being manufactured. Also, if ceiling fan pull switches were universal, there would be no need for the electrical industry.

Is A Fan Light Kit Changeable?

Yes, you can change the light kit on a fan. This is true for most, if not all, ceiling fans and lamp kits.

They usually attach via 5/16″ threaded inserts (such as those found on the back of the canopy).

Some may use other types of attachments, such as mounting through-holes or snap-in mountings (snap rings).

Are Bathroom Fan Motors Universal

But they are rare and usually used only to hold extra parts, like lighting fixtures.There have initially been separate lights designed specifically for these lamps.

Still, universal kits exist that you can attach to any fixture, requiring just an adapter for between the threads and wires and then connecting them to your lighting fixture.

You can do this by some wire nuts or twist connectors. If your light socket uses external threads, you will need an adapter to match the lamp’s internal threading.

You can upgrade most lighting fixtures on your ceiling fan by using universal adapters or simply replacing the existing fixture with a new one of the same diameter/size (and style).

However, some fans come with specific light kits fitted into grooves in the fan blades, and you cannot easily replace them without buying another ceiling fan with compatible blade inserts.

If this is what you have, you might replace the entire fixture rather than replace just the parts separately.

It would be more cost-effective, and it may come with some advantages, such as having better quality control over all aspects of installation, including wiring, assembly.

For example, if the light falls out of its groove during use, you will need to replace the entire fan.

How Do I Know If My Ceiling Fan Is Light Kit Compatible?

You can know this by looking at the specs for your ceiling fan light kit or measuring the distance from your ceiling to where you want to mount it.

The needed distance should be in the installation instructions that come with your light kit.

If you can’t find this information, you may need to contact the manufacturer of both your ceiling fan and the manufacturer of your light kit.

To calculate how far away from a ceiling fan support bracket you should mount.

Measure down from the center of each blade (on the side closest to the motor) all 6″ along with blades on one side & make note.

Then go out 6″ on the side & make note again. Use the larger of these two measurements.

Or, if you’ve taken your fan down for cleaning or other reasons, follow instructions in the manual to install it properly. 

1) Be aware there can be safety risks because of electrical shock.

2) Determine that the prospective installation location has adequate space to fit the ceiling fan.

3) Connect the breaker off & remove the cover plate.

4) disconnect old fixture from wires, making a note of how each wire’s connection- you will connect black hot wire where white wire used to be & vice versa.

Grounding wire should always remain hooked up [can mount metal box for support or put wall anchors into holes].

To identify the manufacturer: look for a nameplate on the motor housing stating who made it and for whom.

The model # will be there also, which you can use to search google or amazon for matching light kit options.If neither of those listings shows any results;

Check your ceiling fan manual to see whether they included a list of compatible light kits with an order number that may match that of your current one.

Check online under installation manuals or FAQs, as well as contact info from where you bought your fan from.

Lastly, if none of those lead to helpful information & you still don’t know how to identify their product line(s),.

Consider contacting them directly by phone or email before giving up and trying a different light kit.

Can You Change The Globe On A Ceiling Fan?

Yes. Ceiling fan globes come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can get them at

  • Home improvement stores
  • lighting showrooms
  • Online retailers like Amazon

They range from simple, clear glass to elaborate stained-glass designs.

Changing the globe on a ceiling fan is much easier than changing the shade on a lamp because fewer parts are involved, and they are smaller (and lighter) than lampshades.

Once you get started with this project, though, make sure you have enough time to complete it before dinner—it may take 45 minutes or longer to complete.

Can You Install A Ceiling Fan With Only One Light Switch?

Yes, you can install a ceiling fan with only one light switch.

This is the case if there are already fixtures for each of the functions on the switch, and they have been set up correctly.

One typical “old school” method is to wire all switches into a gang box with a feed from a different circuit breaker that feeds the fixture itself.

In this configuration, when any of the switches in the group is on, power flows to both fixtures, whether any other switches are on at all (including off).

For this wiring type to function correctly, you must connect all three grounding wires from all fixtures via their respective devices’ green wires; otherwise.

Attempting to turn on a light with the fan switch will trigger the overload protection device (sometimes, this scenario can cause a fire).

This allows dimming between two circuits; one switch controls the fan and acts as an on/off switch at its standard location. All three switches control both lights independently.

There are typically only two cables in more modern switched systems: one cable runs power from the fixture to the first switch and then out to each additional switch.

Another cable runs power from the first switch back to the fixture. With this wiring type, when any of the switches in the group is on, power flows equally to both fixtures.

Are Harbor Breeze Fan Blades Interchangeable?

However, if you want to control one fixture independently, a cable typically runs to the fixture and not back through all the switches.

Do I Connect The Blue Wire To The Black Wire?

Yes. In this situation, yes, connect the blue wire to the black wire. The blue wire is hot, and the black wire is NEUTRAL.

It’s common for people to get these two wires switched around when trying to fix something .

– It happened because your friend was probably tired or had been working on something else that involved hot and neutral colors of wires.

That said, it would be a good idea to check the other end of the circuit (and everything along with it).

To make sure there wasn’t any damage from accidentally sticking his screwdriver into neutral instead of hot.


If you are considering changing the globe on your ceiling fan or want to know if a light kit is compatible with your existing fan, then this post has all the information you need.

You can learn about fan blades and light kits.


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